Friday, September 30, 2011


We had our annual Minister's Retreat in Pigeon Forge.  It was an absolutely awesome time!  We were all refreshed spiritually as well as socially. 

Of course, we all fellowship the best when there is food involved, so everybody congregated in the breakfast area every morning.

Shane Warren was our speaker, and he was exactly the right person for this time in our district. His messages were very timely, and it was great seeing our ministers being touched in the altars.

This is the only picture I have of him...he is not only a great preacher, but he is pretty crazy at times and fun!!
On Monday night, after the service we had "Tennessee's Got Talent". I knew we had a lot of talented people in Tennessee, but there were also a lot of pleasant surprises. Dottie Culberson was our MC, and she did fantastic. She was a natural!

We also had a pretty good panel of judges, if I must say so myself! We had tough job picking the winners because there was so much great talent, so we ultimately decided to go by the audience's response.

Our judges!  We had a difficult time deciding on our winners, so we ultimately went by the audience's response.

The Blues Brothers were definitely a big hit!
The audience seemed to really enjoy the show.  I was told there were some in the back who were on the floor laughing at some point during the show!!
First place winner:  Scott Dobbins.  He really stole the show with his love song that he sang to Loni.  He still has his charm!!

Third place:  Randy Berg who sang his famous song to the tune of "Rawhide".

Second place:  Lambeth Woodward.  He surprised everybody with his amazing talent!
After the retreat was over, the next day Terry met with a group of pastors for AG Coaching 501 training. So, the wives that were still there had a fun day.
Loni Dobbins had just gotten this convertible, so we decided to go in style!

Do you like our hats??  We found these in a little shop, and the employee was an amateur photographer and was happy to oblige.

So, Minister's Retreat 2011 was a great success. If you didn't get to come, you must try to make it next year. We plan to have another "Tennessee's Got Talent". You don't want to miss it!

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