Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day

We had a great time celebrating Father's Day. We went to Outback (if you haven't noticed, that is one of our favorite "special event" places to go!). I love this picture of him and kids when they were little.
Rachel gave Terry this picture of them when she was about seven months old. And, yes, she is still a daddy's girl!

Josh's family always has a big fish fry on Father's Day, so we all went over there in the late afternoon. There was more food there than you could shake a stick at! I hope you had a great time honoring your dads as well.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Our neighborhood has two neighborhood garage sales, one in the spring and one in the fall. They are huge! There are probably at least 75 homes participating. I had an old antique table and chairs in my kitchen that Terry just hated. So, I found one at a house down the street from my house. I did not like the color or finish, but it was real heavy and sturdy, and the price was right, so I bought it and decided to refinish it myself.

I pulled out my DeWalt sander that I got for Mother's Day (it's's what I asked for.  I love tools!!)


The chair on the left I had sanded. 

And here is the finished result.  I stained and sealed the table top and chair seats and painted the legs and chairs with a very light green paint that I got off the "Oops" shelf at Lowe's. 

SO, Mr. DeWalt, if you happen to see this.  Since I have given you some free advertisement, you could send me one of these:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthdays and Randomness

Both of our kids had birthdays in the past month or so. There is almost six years between them. Rachel was born on April 26th, and exactly a week later Michael turned 6. The birthday person gets to choose where they want to go eat.Rachel chose Outback.

Michael chose Demo's.

We had a great time celebrating their birthdays. I love family time!!

Terry's mom stayed with us for a week. She lives with Wanda and Paul, Terry's sister and her husband. She has Alzheimer's disease. We could not believe how much her disease has progressed since the last time she stayed with us. She is an R.N. and was the head nurse in the ER years ago, and it is so sad to see how she is now. We can't even have a meaningful conversation with her, she is so confused. She loves Bentley so much, and he loves her!
Bentley got an extreme makeover yesterday.

This is his before picture:
(Drum roll!) And this is the reveal:
I did not even recognize him when she brought him out to me! We have never had his hair cut that short. We all really like him better with long hair, but it is so hot he needed a summer cut. He seems so little and fragile now! Terry doesn't like so much hair on his face, so I'm taking him back today to have that trimmed up. Isn't he cute?!!

On a more serious note, I have a prayer request. A friend of mine, Tracie, who I used to work with, just found out she has breast cancer. She is in her 40's. At first they said it was in the very early stages, but now they are saying it is a very aggressive cancer and she will have to have double mastectomies. She is a Christian and is being very optimistic and strong. Please pray that she will get a good report after her surgery.

I am SO loving summertime!! I have been planting flowers and will be posting pictures soon.