Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I bought some chairs for my front porch a few years back.  Over time, the cushions have totally faded.  I thought about trying to re-cover them but after pricing the material decided I could buy new cushions for that.  I thought about trying to dye them, but there was no opening to get the cushions out without cutting them apart.   So, I found this in my garage:

Took these:

And did this:

And look at them now:

I know this is not the conventional way of doing things, but I'm not known for doing things the conventional way.  I saw on someone's blog where they painted their sofa, and I did think that was a little weird.  Now, I would never paint my sofa, because it would be pretty stiff and crackly when you sat on it.  But, we never sit in these chairs; we always sit on the deck out back.  So, yes, they are a little stiff, but they look good from the road!  And, better yet, it didn't cost me a thing!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sweetness...times three

Terry and I were thrilled when Pastor Mike and Stephanie Burnette asked us to do the dedication ceremony for the newest addition to their family, Halle Ruth.  They are such a beautiful little family in every way.

Big sisters Lucy and Julia.  I love the way they are holding hands!

This is always my favorite part...when Terry asks me to hold the baby!!

Mommy, Halle and proud grandparents.

Isn't she precious?

As a bonus, we got to hear pastor Mike's sermon.  It was the last of a series about the "prodigal".  We always associate the word "prodigal" as being negative, but he brought out that the word prodigal actually means "lavish, extravagant" spending and that "if we are to be Christ followers, we must become more prodigal".  As he said, we are all lavish, extravagant and excessive on something and spend 100% of our lives on something, and our highest ambition must be to spend our lives on the kingdom of God and not on us.  It really made me examine how I use the 168 hours God has allotted me each week, and I must say that I had to repent because I waste so much time on insignificant things.  I want to want to be wrecklessly and extravagantly devoted to the Kingdom of God!!

All in all, it was a perfect day in every way.  Congratulations, Mike and Stephanie!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

District Council

We had our annual District Council at Cathedral of Praise in Memphis.  On our way there, we stopped by to visit Terry's mom at Wanda, his sister's house. 

Their son, Jason, and his family were there.  We had a great time!   Jason is very talented musically, and his kids are following in his footsteps.

District Council was amazing!!  We have it once a year to take care of business for the year, but it is SO much more than business.  We elected a new Youth Director, Jeremy Austill and his wife, Michelle, General Presbyter Todd Alexander, Bro. Glenn Burkes as our Secretary/Treasurer for the next year, women's director Lori Hawkins and assistant women's director Tammy Waycaster.  We're excited about our new leaders and about what God has in store in the coming years under their leadership.

Brian Jarrett spoke the first night and the next morning.  On Tuesday morning, he talked about not holding offences.  It is so troubling to me to see Christian people holding grudges and offences against one another.  The Bible clearly says to "forgive one another even as Christ has forgiven you".  It also says that if we do not forgive others then God will not forgive us for our sins.  We have the tendency to minimize our sins and maximize others.  Does it really matter who is right or wrong? 

On Tuesday, we had a ladies luncheon.  The women at Cathedral of Praise where the council was held did all of the decorations and did a great job! 

Janet Greer prepared the food.  We had salad, poppy seed chicken and green beans.  For dessert, we had a chocolate/fruit cup.  Everything was delicious!

Samalee Allen spoke to the ladies at the luncheon.  She talked about the new ministry they will be involved in, Calcutta Mission.  I know it helped me understand more about what they will be doing.  She was also very entertaining as well!!

We had a missions banquet on Tuesday night.  Shane Warren preached a great message and really stirred everyone's heart about missions.

At the banquet, we skyped with missionaries Nathan and Barbara Lambert in Belize.  Thirty acres of land has been given to the Assemblies of God in Belize with plans to build a campground.  Terry and eight presbyters will be going to Belize on Monday, April 24th, to visit the site.  Construction of the dorms will be done by the Amish.  We received commitments from nine sections to complete ten dorms as well as received $13,000 in cash and $5,500.00 in pledges to pay for the plumbing fixtures.  It was a great victory!

There was a group of young people from Cathedral of Praise who worked behind the scenes for weeks prior to the Council and tirelessly during the Council helping us with basically anything that we needed.  Sometimes we fail to thank those people who "make the magic happen".  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Tricia, Danny, Tristen, Paige, Jacob, Curtis and Ian for all you did for us!  You guys are awesome!!

There was such a feeling of family and unity at the Council. That's really what we We all have different callings and gifts, but we are all called for the same evangelize and reach our world for Jesus! As a team, we can do just that as we keep our eyes focused on our true leader, Jesus. We're in this thing together. And I love it!!

By the way, this is my first rose of the season.  Just had to share it!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

He is Risen!

I love Easter...celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.  We serve a risen Saviour!  We went to Gateway (the church we pastored for 22 years).  They do not have a pastor right now, and Terry preached on Easter Sunday.  Then, we went to Josh's parents house as we have done since Rachel and Josh got married.  We didn't lose a daughter when she married Josh; we gained a big loving family!  While we were still at Rachel and Josh's house we took some pictures.

There was so much food!  We had pork chops, hamburgers, hot dogs, all kinds of vegetables and desserts.

                                     This is Addy, Josh and Rachel's niece outside looking in.

                                                                     Josh and Rachel

I am so thankful for family and friends, and especially the eternal life we have in Christ.  We would be nothing without  Him!!