Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Michele and I decided to make fall wreaths.  We had been looking on Pinterest and found some we liked. 

Michele wanted a real colorful one for her front door.  I actually made one of these too, but mine didn't turn out as good as hers. 

I found it the inspiration for mine on Pinterest: HERE:

This is Michele's wreath.  Beautiful, isn't it?  She also made her grandmother a smaller version to put on her door.

I bought fall-colored fabric at Joann Fabrics and used some buttons I had gotten at a garage sale in the middle of the flowers. I decided to use some of the leftover fabric to make a bow. It wasn't hard to make, but it took quite a bit of time to make the flowers. You wouldn't have to put as many flowers on it if you didn't want to.

Since my wreath is not as colorful and might not show up as well on the door, I decided to use it inside. This is over my entry table.

I might leave mine up even after fall since it matches my decor.  It was so much fun!!