Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving in Pidgeon Forge this year. Terry's mom has a time share and had accumulated so many points, so we all decided to meet there. When we got there I could not believe my eyes. People and cars were everywhere! I thought people stayed at home on Thanksgiving, but apparently not. The condo where we stayed was right in the middle of things, so if we tried to go anywhere it took forever just to get on the main road. We finally found a back road to miss a lot of the traffic, but we were almost ready to leave by the time we discovered it. The guys didn't really care, because they spent most of their time in front of the TV watching football.

We enjoyed our time together, though. Paul and Wanda, their kids and grandkids were there, so we had lot of fun playing with the kids.

We all brought food, and we had a feast!  Rachel made this awesome pumpkin trifle!  She found the recipe HERE:

We found out that Tanger Outlet was starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night at 10:00. So, we left the kids with the guys, and we went shopping. Wanda, Shauna and Summer stayed a few hours, but Rachel and I stayed ALL night!! I have never stayed awake all night in my entire life. It was so crowded and so cold how could I get sleepy? We didn't buy much, but we had a blast!


Hope you had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Rachel and I went to Tusculoosa, Alabama to my sister's house. Her daughter, Kelly, came to visit from Colorado with her baby, Abby. We had not seen Abby since she was two months old, so we went for a quick overnight trip to see them. Abby is SO precious and beautiful. We had so much fun with her!


This is Kelly (my niece), me, Abby and my sister, Brenda.

It was such a fun weekend!  I don't get to see my sister often enough.  She and her husband pastor First Assembly of God in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, so they are always busy as well.  But I really cherish the time I get to spend with her, and we make the most of the times we have together.